Protect nekomimi city in this tiny bullet hell game.

The player hitbox is the center white pixel.

If you are hit with any bombs in stock you will automatically spend all of your bombs instead of dying.

ARROW keys: move
Z: Precise movement, faster rate of fire
C: Fast movement, slower rate of fire
V: Switch bullet style
X: Bomb (Clears all bullets from screen)
Z: Select a character

(1234 available as alternative keys to zxcv)

BACKGROUND pixels by the immensely talented ADAM SALTSMAN.

This is a LOWREZJAM2019 game that missed the deadline.

Update 8/18: Enemy HP and bullet frequency adjustments, Victory/Game Over screen added. Boss targeted attack given distinct color, point fragments made shiny.

Update 8/19: Added number row 1234 as alternative keys to zxcv for non-QWERTY keyboards

Made withUnity
TagsBullet Hell, danmaku, LOWREZJAM, nekomimi

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