Post-jam version added


So the original submission was just a debug room with some fish, hidden bait tiles, and the base fishing mechanic. Most of the work in post-jam has been about content and presentation. I'm pretty happy with these elements, especially since I've wanted to make *any* kind of sequential event handler for a long time.

Anyway, here's the list of changes.

  • added a little feedback to each button press in the fishing game
  • feedback for tossing the bait onto various surfaces
  • tiny cutscene when traveling between floors
  • pop-up texts and dialogue events
  • functionality for separate "rooms" within each floor of the dungeon
  • simple/limited designer tool for controlling the rank and count of fish that will spawn per floor
  • button instruction on menu screen
  • improved controller feel
  • 10 maps

More content was planned, like more diverse bait and fish preferences, a merchant to sell rod upgrades, and increasingly fantastical fish to catch (leading up to.. a Kraken. heh) but the core fishing mechanic has become really tiresome in just one week of development. For now I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to push this project further just to practice making those elements, or if I should add them to any other project that is more fun.

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