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Calling it quits on this one! Having started on August 6, this is the end of Day 7.

Looking back, there were probably two critical missteps in the first day that tripped me up.

1. Writing a 4-directional keyboard control scheme.

2. Building a really good camera.

I wanted to experiment with a pseudo-finite-state machine setup and it really should have just been mouse controlled.

I made some huge improvements to the simple lerp camera from past projects and made a forward-looking camera with some smoothing whenever the player turns around. (And centering when they're idle.)

This is pretty enjoyable for flying around, but requires that the map be fairly huge so that the camera may move around. This is where the level design fell apart in various boring ways continuously - a fixed height auto-scroller might have been the way to go after all.

Some fun pixel art came out of it though!

See ya in the next one.

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