Street Cat Girls Fight!

Move: WASD
Jump: Space
Attacks: J & K -or- Left Mouse & Right Mouse

This is a game inspired by a fake game cartridge designed by @0T0E.

Originally for AGBIC jam in 2017 and remade in 2018. One stage area is playable.

OTOE / デザイナー

ごくごく普通でにゃんとも平和な街「ミスティックキャットタウン」が何やら最近騒がしい様子。 猫よけペットボトルが倒される...お気に入りのダンボールハウスがめちゃめちゃに...野良猫達の噂によると、 どうやら隣街から飛び出してきたダークキャットガールズという名の野良猫集団が縄張りを求めて攻めこんできたらしい... 平和を愛する街中の野良猫女子! ストリートキャットガールズがそんな噂を耳にして街の平和を守るため立ち上がる! ポップでにゃんともキュートなアクションゲーム! にっくき野良猫達をやっつけるにゃ!!

It seems that the very ordinary and peaceful town "Mystic Cat Town" has been noisy recently. Cat repellent PET bottles are knocked down ... My favorite cardboard house is messed up ... According to rumors of stray cats, a group of stray cats named Dark Cat Girls have jumped out of the neighboring town are attacking for territory. Then I'll become ... A stray cat girl in the city who loves peace! Street Cat Girls hear such rumors and stand up to protect the peace of the city! A pop and cute action game! Defeat the dark stray cats !!